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What Workouts are available?

The Workshop:

Below are some of the Cross Training Programmes that the Workshop conducts. Some are done in regular rotation, while others, you get a choice about in advance.

Hi-lo Fusion Classes
New Body Format
Mat Pilates
Partner Workouts
Trampoline Workouts
Indoor Biking
Muscle Ballet
Slide Training
Swiss Ball
Facial Fitness
Circuit Training
Functional Fitness
Chair Workouts
Stress Management Workshops & Yoga


Our gym provides a host of strength and cardio workouts. It is fully equipped with strength training equipment, free weights, cardio equipment, a steam room, attached to lockers, changing & shower rooms.

Pilates Hub:

Our Pilates Hub has equipment such as the Trapezius, Studio Reformer, Allegeo Reformer, Combo Chair, Wunda Chair, Spinal Corrector and more. The body becomes slimmer, firmer and more shapely, while one loses inches around the mid section and thighs.The Hub also works wonders in rehabilitative processes (arthritis, knees, back, etc)

Personal Training:

Though greatly beneficial for all, members with any of the following health conditions or special requirements will find Personal Training of particular value to them.

Back problems
Asthma, emphysema and bronchitis
Knee problems
Postural deviations
High blood pressure
Those training for a particular sport/ competition