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My Prenatal & Postnatal Diet
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By Nawaz Modi Singhania  

Of particular importance during pregnancy is the increased intake of proteins, folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin C, fibre & complex carbs. They play very vital roles in fetal development & health, & the health of the mother.

In fact one's diet must be given importance even before conception. The healthier one is before pregnancy, the healthier the to-be mother & the infant will tend to be. Exercise plays a very important role here too!

It is a generally accepted fact that the fetus, as a parasite, will take the nutrients that it requires, & that if anyone suffers, it will first tend to be the mother.

Protein, the basic building block of growth, can be consumed in the form of fish, other seafood, poultry, eggs, meat, milk & milk products, soya, lentils & sprouts. A pregnant woman requires approximately 1,200 mg of Calcium daily, while a feeding mother requires 1,600 mg per day. It is usually recommended that part of this be consumed in the form of supplementation, & part from food.

As pregnancy can tend to lead to anemia, due to the iron requirement of pregnancy being steep, an iron-rich diet is also important. Some iron-rich sources of food include dark meat of chicken, watermelon, strawberries, black raisins, spinach, dark green, & leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C will keep your immune system boosted, which tends to be at a low during pregnancy & postpartum. Citrus fruits & Vitamin C tablets are recommended.

Fruits & vegetables will provide fibre, keeping constipation (which is common during pregnancy) at bay. They'll also provide the nutrients & vitamins required to support the pregnancy.

Eating small snacks at regular intervals right through the day, as opposed to 3 large meals & no snacking, will keep your weight under control & will keep your blood sugar levels in check. Consuming complex carbs, such as rice, potatoes, vegetables & fruits will also do the same.

And finally, remember, that's it's not just what goes into the lower part of your skull, but also what goes into the upper part that's important! The happier, the more positive, & the more mentally active you remain through the pregnancy, the better off you'll both be!

Note:- Never take supplements without consulting your medical practitioner.

This article gives one general guidelines, but a qualified nutritionist or your obstetrician would be the best person to determine & quantify each individual's specific dietary needs.

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