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About Us
What are the Facilities provided?

A fully equipped air-conditioned Workshop with attached lockers, changing & shower stalls.
A fully equipped Gym with strength training & cardio equipment and a steam room.
A fully equipped Gyrotonics & Pilates Equipment Hub with attached lockers and changing rooms.
An Aqua Aerobic Pool
Lockers (no extra cost)
Valet parking
Basic recommended dietary guidelines
Progress records maintained for each individual
System of make-up classes for our Workshop members.

Value Added Services

Health for you- Naini Setalvad
Consultant Nutritionist - Suman Agarwal
Therapist/ Counselor - Tushna Kapadia
Iz - Dr. Rekha Sheth

And much more...

A Hole in the Wall

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Workshops / Presentations

These are open to all our members and their guests. Some of the topics included are:

Exercise and Pregnancy
Common Myths and Misconceptions of Exercise
Osteoporosis - The Silent Killer
Facial Fitness Workshops
The Healing Power of Reiki
The Art of Living
Rashmi Uday Singh - The walking, talking good food guide (to low fat, healthy cooking and eating)
Dr. Anju Venkat - Healthy cooking & eating, and healthy living.
Learn to dance with Salome Roy Kapoor
The Taichi Way
Childhood Obesity

And much more...


This is a service for all our new Workshop members where the instructor briefs you on what's going on, what the different workouts we offer are all about, what some of the basic moves of these workouts are, how to learn them & perform them correctly, etc.

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