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Aerobic Info
Benefits of Cardio Routines

What are the benefits of Regular Exercise?

Fat and inch loss
Increased strength and endurance
Increased stamina
Increased flexibility
Increased muscle tone
Increased mental alertness
Increased self-confidence
Improvement of certain health conditions such as asthma, diabetes & arthritis
Increased cardiovascular efficiency
Improved physical proportion
Improved body composition
Improved sleep
Radiant health
Decreased physical fatigue
Decreased blood pressure
Denser/ stronger bone

What are the benefits of Exercise on different health conditions?

Weak Back - Strengthens and relaxes the back.
Weak Knee - Strengthens the muscles supporting the knee, stabilises and strengthens the knee joint by developing the ligaments of the knee.
Arthritis - Increases joint mobility and muscle strength.
Asthma/Bronchitis - Increases lung efficiency
Insulin-Dependant Diabetes - Reduces the need for insulin
Coronary Heart Disease - Reduces high blood pressure, obesity, stress, high cholesterol level and diabetes