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Gyrotonics Basics

Gyrotonics (pronounced jy-ro-ton-ics) is a relatively new form of movement and body conditioning developed by Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian & a principal dancer in the world renowned Rumanian State Opera.

Taking from his extensive background in gymnastics, swimming, yoga and dance, Juliu has created a series of undulating spiral and circular movements, which exercise the musculature while mobilizing and articulating the joints. Coupled with specific breathing patterns, the movements release blockages and stimulates the nervous system while improving coordination and increasing both internal and external strength. Each exercise moves uninterrupted through flexion and extension, contraction and expansion resulting in a balanced support system for the skeleton. Done with a rhythm and flow the body moves through the exercise patterns. One can work gently and restoratively or more vigorously and aerobically by varying speed and/or intensity. The result is increased muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, a slim, stream-lined body, improved coordination & balance, cardiovascular stimulation, increased bone density, detoxification, tension release, neuromuscular rejuvenation, rehabilitation, improved posture, & better coordination.

This fluid system of exercises - executed on the apparatus Horvath designed, the Gyrotonics Tower/Handle Machine - uses hand and foot-operated wheelbases, suspended pulleys & spring tension to create resistance. There are 50 sets of exercises - with about 130 variations - to stretch, bend, twist and turn muscles with minimal effort.

Like the work of Joseph Pilates in its infancy, Gyrotonics has not yet become a household word and is just recently moving from the dance world into the mainstream.

The Gyrotonics System is used in combination with Pilates at Body Art at the Hub . This is a three dimensional system of exercise which is a perfect complement to the Pilates Method is considered to be the next level from Pilates, & so is taken on only at a more advanced level at the Trainer's discretion.

Like with our Pilates Hub, we are thrilled to be the first (& so far the only ones) to introduce Gyrotonics in India