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It’s A Mood Thing…
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By Nawaz Modi Singhania  

As urban life gets tougher, more competitive & increasingly stressful, finding a few, quick & easy physical exercises to elevate your mood, is the call of the day.

Here are some fast mood-lifters; do them anytime & anywhere. They may look rather carton-like, & so may I, but to your surprise you'll find that they have an instant reaction! And you really don't have to do any of them in public, in case you're worried about what your colleagues or peers might think of you!

You can do the following once or more times, depending on how you're feeling.

• Exercises For Anger

The Silent Scream

While upping the volume on this one might be inappropriate, releasing your anger via making the actions of a scream, a silent one, will give you a surprisingly instant fix.

A Deep Breath

With your eyes open or shut, slowly take a deep breath in, & then release it just as slowly, drawing your awareness towards the breath, imagining giving vent to your anger on the out-breath. Gradually try & take longer on the out breath in comparison to the in breath.

• Exercises For Depression

Smile/ Laugh

If you're feeling a bit blue, as we all know, laughter is the best medicine! Force that smile or laugh, & see how good you start to feel! Though initially pushed, the right emotion will certainly follow the action.


Need a quick pick-me-up? Cardio exercise is a fabulous mood-lifter! Walking (with or without weights) or light jogging are common forms. There are others too, like aerobic exercise, stair climbing, biking, rope skipping, etc. Take your pick.

Exercises For Boredom/ Wake Up Call


If you need a quick wake up call, push a yawn & see how alert & alive you immediately feel! Yawning is the body's natural way of bringing us back into focus.

Upward Stretch

Stretch upward & outward to shake yourself out of a spell of lethargy. If the body feels awake & alive, so will the mind.

Exercises For Stress

The Hair Pull

Stress starts in the mind & accumulates all over. Running your hands through various parts of your hair, clenching down & pulling upward, slightly straining the hair at the skull & holding this position for a moment or two, is extremely stress relieving. Work through the entire scalp in this way.

Forehead Tapping

Using the pads of your fore & middle fingers (not the bony tip or nails) firmly tap away on your forehead, covering the entire surface area. Feel the stress drain out of your face & skull like sand out of a bag.

Exercises For Restlessness/ Nervousness

Remember the times when your grandma used to tell you not to wave your knees, finger tap the table or pace up & down the room, calling them “bad habits”? Well, surprise, surprise! We do these things, even on an unconscious level, in order to release pent up nervous energy! Besides, they help further the cause of burning off a few extra calories. The human body does have it's own in-built wisdom which we need to lend a ear to more often. So feel entirely free to wave, tap & pace away!

Do these exercises whenever you're “in the mood”, & enjoy the difference!

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