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Personal Training
Personal Training
Upon Joining

Upon enrolling for Personal Training at BA, the following will apply to you:

PT availability slots (days/timings) are put up in all our facilities. Men may come in only on men's  timings & women may come in on any of the existing timings.
Our Gym Personal Training charges are:
-1 math- 1ce/wk (4 sessions) - Rs. 2,400/-
 -2ce/ wk (8 sessions) - Rs 4800/-
- 3/wk (12 sessions) - Rs. 7,200/-
Our Pilates Hub Personal Training charges are:
-1mth- 1ce/wk (4sessions) - Rs. 3,200/-
 -2/ce wk (8 session) - Rs. 6,400/-
-3/wk (12 sessions) - Rs. 9,600/-
* PT May also be taken 4, 5 or 6 times a week.
There is no additional Enrolment charge or charges for the use of the facility.
All taxes are included.
Enrolment can only be for the whole month. For every month that you enroll for, you will get an additional 10 days. Within the space of these 40 days, your sessions must be completed. It is strongly recommended that you finish your term within the first 30 days though, in order to see the best training results.
Those wanting to do PT in pairs on the same time/days slot, will gets a 20% discount of the PT amount, subject to the term being identical.
All fees must be paid in advance of the date from which membership is to become effective.
Once the commencement date of your term has been fixed, it may not be changed for any reason.
Membership fees are non-transferable & non-refundable.
Term extensions will not be granted for any reason whatsoever.
Once the commencement date of your term has been fixed, it will not be changed  for any reason.
All your Personal Training sessions will take place in Body Art's Gym or Pilates Hub, depending on what you have signed up for, during working hours. You will be accompanied all times by your Personal Trainer. At no point in time will you be allowed to use the facility without your Personal Trainer, unless your Personal Trainer, unless you are already a regular member at that facility.
You will receive an ID card from your personal trainer on the day you commence your training sessions, which you will need to produce whenever you come in for a PT.
If your Personal Trainer is unable to train you on a particular day, you will be provided with another trainer who will follow your training schedule as worked out by your original instructor.
Your Trainer will wait for you for a maximum of 10 minutes after the fixed time of your session, after which that session will be lost by you.
If you'd like to have a locker, there is no extra charge for one. We do charge a deposit for the key. This will be refunded to you (in full) once the key is returned & the locker surrendered in accordance with our locker rules. Please read the carefully. Do not leave anything of value in your locker.
You’ll find our Shower facilities convenient. Towels provided in the shower Rooms may n to be used elsewhere. Please bring a towel along with you to use during your PT session for hygienic reasons.
Parking is available on our premises. You’ll need to hand the keys to our valet.
Our accessory corner. “A Hole in the Wall”, has fitness wear & accessories on sale. Speak to the attendant if you would like to have a look.
Food & beverages may not be brought into our facility.
We will be closed on certain Bank Holidays. These dates will be specified on the Notice Board well in advance, & on our website. PT will not be conducted on these dates.

Please have your Medical Clearance form duly complete by our Medical Practitioner & returned to us as soon as possible.
Any loss arising out of damage to any equipment/ properly of Body Art caused by an act of any member will be changed to the member against the loss so determined by Management.

The Management reserves the right to restrict from entry or to remove from the Body Art premises any person(s) whose continued presence is offensive or unacceptable to other members or to the Management. Membership of such person(s) is likely to be terminated without refund.

You may inform your Trainer of our next training session when you see them at Body Art or through our PT Coordinator (take details from Trainer). Scheduling or rescheduling or your learn & sessions can be done by calling/ smashing the PT coordinator. A cancellation has to be done at least 24 hrs in advance, or else the turn in question will be counted in.
If you want more flexibility in your PT sessions, ask a staff member for more information on our flexi PT training programmed.

- The Management