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Personal Training
Personal Training
Advantages Personal Training

PT is appropriate for people of all ages, sexes and for those having different goals, varying fitness levels & differing health limitations.

While any and all individuals can opt for PT, members with any of the following health conditions or special requirements will find PT of particular value to them.

Here's how:

  • Back - Those with a back problem can benefit from a PT programme in 2 ways. By stretching & relaxing the muscles that go into spasm surrounding the affected area (which adds to the already present pain & discomfort) and by strengthening the surrounding muscles to keep the whole spinal column strong. More often than not, the problem can be reversed.

  • Pregnancy - Probably at no other point in woman's life is fitness as important as it is during pregnancy. Women can maintain & even improve their cardiovascular, respiratory & aerobic capacities during pregnancy. However, due to the natural & constant changes in the metabolic, respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal & other systems due to pregnancy, many modifications need to be made to the workout frequently. Your trainer will discuss this with you in great detail.

  • Diabetes - There are 2 types of diabetes: Insulin-dependent & non-insulin-dependent. Non-insulin- dependent is the most common form, affecting 90% of all diabetics. It typically occurs in adults that are overweight. Treatment for non-insulin dependents usually includes diet modification, medication & exercise therapy. As 80% of NIDD individuals are obese, or have a history of obesity, NIDD is often reversible with permanent weight loss.

  • Asthma, emphysema and bronchitis - As cardiovascular efficiency & lung capacity is enhanced & improved through exercise, PT can play an important role in the reversal of these conditions.

  • Arthritis - Through PT one can strengthen the affected joints & muscle groups surrounding the same & improve upon flexibility.

  • Osteoporosis - Exercise, and weight bearing activities in particular, increase bone density.

  • Knee - The muscles surrounding the knee joint can be developed and kept strong through PT while correcting postural deviations.

  • Postural deviations - Rounded, droopy shoulders or a forward pelvic tilt are a result of muscle imbalances & poor posture. Both of them can be corrected through PT.

  • High blood pressure - which is one of the main factors of CVD can be reduced through PT.

  • Those training for competition or a particular sport will find PT of great value.

  • It is a widely known & well-documented fact exercise reduces the risk of strokes, cancer & obesity.

Many other health conditions too can be improved if not reversed. E-mail or call us for further information, & we'll be happy to help.

NB - There are a million & one do's & don'ts when it comes to tailoring a routine for those with any of the above health conditions or special requirements. Your trainer will address & discuss the same with you in detail, & work out a programme for you accordingly.