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Personal Training
Personal Training

Upon Joining

Upon being a member at the Gyrotonics & Pilates Hub at Body Art, the following will apply to you.

• You will receive an ID Card from your trainer on the day you commence your term, which you will need to produce whenever you take a session. Once the commencement date of your class has been fixed, it cannot be changed for any reason.

• You will get the most out of the Hub with 3 sessions a week. If your goal is to lose weight, combine this with regular aerobic/cardio exercise with a sensible diet which limits calorie intake without depriving you of the essential nutrients you need.

• Many exercisers like the look and feel of leotards and tights. T-shirts, track suits, cycling shorts, shorts etc. but any non-binding clothing, that allows you to move freely is fine to wear. Cotton especially during the hotter months of the year is preferable as it allows your body to breathe easily. Synthetics, on the other hand, like nylon, spandex or lycra, do not, and so are avoidable. Shoes and socks are not required.

• If you would like to have a locker:
a. Please read the locker rules carefully.
b. Do not leave anything of value in the locker.
c. There is no extra charge for a locker. We do charge a deposit for the key, which is refundable (in full), once the key is returned to us. Details are listed in the Locker Rules (which are on the lockers themselves.)

• You may find our shower facilities convenient. Kindly show your ID card to the attendant on duty whenever you would like to shower here.

Valet parking is available on all days of the week. Please hand over your car key to our valets for everybody’s convenience. Please park all the way in to the second driveway. The first driveway is for building residents only.

• We will be keeping track of your progress once every month. Speak to the trainer about this.

• Foreign exercise-wear and low-calorie snacks are available at the BA Accessory Corner and at the Pilates Hub.

Please bring a towel along to use on your floor mats that will be provided by us.

• Don’t eat about 2 hours before a session. If you’re very hungry, you could eat a light carbohydrate snack before you come in, but make sure you keep a gap of at least 1½ hours between your snack and your workout.

• Enrolment can only be for the whole month or for consecutive months. Your sessions can be taken during the term only, and not beyond that. Your sessions cannot be carried forward into the next term.

• Your term is not transferable to anyone else.

• Regular members will be given term priority over wait-listed members. This priority is subject to confirmation and payment of fees for the new term at least a week to 10 days prior to the completion of the current term/commencement of the new term.

• In the case of new students and regular students who are rejoining, fees are payable at least a week-10 days before commencement of the new term.

• There will be no refunds for any reason.

• We will be closed on certain Bank Holidays. These dates will be specified on the Notice Board well in advance.

• Please have you Medical Clearance Form duly completed by your Medical Practitioner and return it to us as soon as possible.

• Any loss arising out of damage to any equipment/property of Body Art caused by an act of any member will be charged to the member against the loss so determined by the Management.

Nawaz Modi