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The Benefits of Pilates
  • Your body becomes slimmer, firmer, stronger & more shapely, losing inches around the mid section and thighs.
  • Strength is added to the body without bulk
  • You can move more easily and quickly, perform many tasks, acquire many desired physical skills and prevent injury
  • Physical and mental strength and endurance are increased, making it ideal for those leading stressful lives or those recovering from an injury
  • The mind becomes the body's master, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Most back pain is relieved
  • Many musculoskeletal injuries can be reversed, Pilates playing a special and valuable role in rehabilitation.
  • Improved muscle flexibility and joint mobility
  • The body's coordination, posture, balance and alignment are corrected
  • A good night's sleep is assured
  • Fatigue, discomfort and pain are lessened