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Selfcare - The Natural Way We are about nutrition in the most natural way. We take you to a concept of healthful living that will lead you to achieve your optimum fitness level and a sense of wellbeing. Each diet program is tailor-made to the requirements of every individual client. We have specially designed the following programs for Body Art members, and will be happy to guide you into a world of fitness and good health through correct eating.
Introduce members to a world of good health, with a diet program that balances all important nutrients without making major lifestyle changes and supports long-term weight loss.

A program to clear myths, introduce nutritious low calorie foods, and tips on how to cook food with very little oil.

A program for ailments like acidity, vertigo, migraines, flatulence & constipation.

A program specially designed to deal with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, triglycerides, Hypertension and other health conditions, with recommendations for behavioral and dietary changes.
Suman Agarwal is a leading Nutritionist, Diet and Fitness Consultant who heads the SELFCARE Institute. She holds a Diploma in Food & Nutrition from Oxford University., and has written for publications such as Femina and The Sunday Free Press in the past. SELFCARE is located at 403, Arun Chambers, Tardeo Main Road, Mumbai 400 034. Tel numbers:  56607232 and 98-201-25206. To know more, you can visit the website at or e-mail Suman on

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