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Workin’ Up To The Wedding!
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By Nawaz Modi Singhania  

So D-Day is around the corner, & you want to look your slimmest, sexiest best! How can you get that waistline to look choli-worthy right away?! With a couple of months or so to get your act together, read on to figure out the fastest & most effective way to do it.

It's only a proper combo of cardio exercise & resistance/ strength training that's going to knock those kilos & inches off, while toning & firming you up nicely!

A sensible low-fat, low-sugar eating plan must be combined with your workouts to achieve the result you want. You'll get the best guidance from a qualified nutritionist/ dietician.

If you're new to exercise, start with 3 hours of Cardio, coupled with 2-3 hours of resistance/ strength training a week. Sessions of one hour at a go are ideal, & try & space all your sessions out. If you've been exercising for sometime now, then step up the cardio to 5-6 hours a week, along with 3-4 hours of resistance/ strength training.

Cardio activities include walking, jogging, skipping, stair-climbing, dancing, an aerobic class, step workouts, kick-boxing, slide training, trampoline workouts, biking, roller blading, & ski-ing.

Resistance/ strength training activities include gym training, calisthenics (floor-work), callanetics (reshaping muscles), Pilates, body sculpt classes, & certain forms of yoga.

The best thing to do is to get professional help; join a Fitness Centre which offers you cross training programmes (a wide variety of classes).

Keep a written record of your weight & inches every 2 weeks to mark your regular progress. This is a very important motivational tool.

If you want to speed up the process further, beyond the scope of the below charted-out 2 month programme, then add on a brisk & continuous 45 min- 1 hour walk 2/3 times a week. Keep a check on your pulse every 10-15 minutes during your walk to ensure that you stay between 160- 180 beats per minute, where fat & inch loss is at its optimum. Common pulse location sites are the radial artery, located in line with the thumb at the wrist, & the carotid artery on the side of the neck just below the jaw-line. If your pulse is over 180 beats per minute, it's important to slow down slightly. If it's under 160 beats per minute, then step up the pace! Intersperse your walk with mild, slow jogging for a few minutes every now & again. When you feel a bit out of breath, come back to walking, & when walking seems too easy, go back to light, slow jogging.

Week 1

Join a hi-lo fusion aerobic class in your local fitness centre. They come combined with a good amount of floor work anyway, so you shouldn't have to bother with doing anything more on Week 1. Allow your body to get used to the initial strains & stresses of physical activity at this time.

Week 2

To ensure that monotony doesn't set in & that the body continues to drop weight, inches & fat off fast, switch to another cardio workout for this week. Indoor Biking, for instance, is a very effective option.

Week 3

Continue with Week 2's agenda. Add on an extra bit of resistance training this week, a 45 minute session to start with. A good option would be working with resistance tubes & bands.

Week 4

If you're up to learning something new, getting a fab cardio workout in, & improving balance & coordination, how about roller blading? It's my personal favorite activity! Continue with the resistance training of the previous week, but replace the Indoor Biking with roller blading instead.

Week 5

Even if you're new to exercise, by now it's important to step up your cardio to 5-6 times a week, & strength training to 4-5 times a week. Make sure you keep at least one day a week where you get total rest though. Keep up the roller blading of last week (you must be getting to be quite a pro at it by now!), but change your resistance training this week. Calisthenics & Callanetics are in order now. Again, your local fitness centre will provide these classes. You should have lost 1½- 3 inches per area by now, & you should be feeling more determined than ever to stick to the path.

Week 6

You've been at your cardio activity for 2 weeks now, & it's time again to rotate. Drop the roller blading & switch over to another Cardio activity, Step Classes perhaps! Stick with the Calisthenics & Callanetics of last week though.

Week 7

Keep busy “stepping on it”, but let's shake up your toning bit of it. Drop your Calisthenics & Callanetics & move onto Pilates now, mat or equipment-based is fine.

Week 8

Stair climbing, is a good option for the final lap, so to speak! Regarding the firming up, Partner Workouts are a perfect option for this week.

You ought to have lost 3-6 inches in total per area by now, & you should be fitting into a whole new wardrobe, with lots of people commenting on how great you look! J

Congratulations! So now go right ahead & get married!! All the best!

Caution:- Never embark on an exercise programme without your physician's approval.

The programme charted out in this article is for healthy individuals without any apparent health conditions.

Always warm-up before your workout & cool-down post it appropriately.

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