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Nawaz Modi Singhania- The Times of India Life
Nawaz Modi Singhania- Interview with RJ Annie

The Body Art Way - DNA hrs - Friday - 1 April 2016

Midday Article on 27/08/2016

Times Of India
DNA online - International Women’s Day: Expert Nawaz Modi Singhania on how the definition of fitness has evolved
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Three women. One goal. Femina and Nawaz Modi Singhania of Body Art launch a mission to tailor-made a great workout regimen for our lucky readers Vaishali, Sheetal and Ferzin... - (Edition I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)

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   »   Ask me and I'll answer.
   »   Hit or myth? Here are a few fitness myths and facts
   »   Strong requirements - The first in a series on what is essential to know when exercising.
   »   Work smarter!
   »   Little ways to lose a lot of fat.
   »   The pregnant exerciser.
   »   Ask me how
   »   Slide into shape
   »   The upper body - Work your way to a healthy, toned body with a pair of dumbbells.
   »   The lower body - Exercises to get your hips and legs into shape.
   »   Exercise your right.
   »   Kiss your fat goodbye.
   »   Alive and kicking.
   »   Keep it rolling'!
   »   Crossing tracks - Is your workout not working anymore?
   »   Fight the Flab!
   »   Fitness? No Problem.
   »   The Stress Factor
   »   Pedal Soft
   »   Make no bones about osteoporosis.
   »   Change that reflection!
   »   Worth the weight
   »   Fighting fit - Kickboking is the latest health fad.
   »   The usual suspects - Do away with these standard myths and false notion about exercise.
   »   Never say diet - Constant dieting, without exercise, and obsession with weight loss could actually fuel weight gain!
   »   Condition that body
   »   Find time, feel good - Make time for a little exercise everyday and you will feel healthy
   »   Walking the walk - Recent studies show that walking briskly for half-an-hour just six times a month cuts the risk of premature death in men and women by 44 per cent.
   »   Waste to waist - A firm waistline is generally an accurate indicator of overall fitness.
   »   Step on it
   »   All in the family - There's more to health and fitness than exercise and dieting. Genes also play a role.
   »   The season to be jolly!
   »   New frontiers

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