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Booking A Make-Up

System Of Make-Up

In case you miss a class, it can be made up in another batch timing provided:

  1. It is made up during the same term.
  2. You take specific prior permission from the Management.

Note: After make-up has been arranged, it cannot be altered or cancelled for any reason whatsoever. A missed make-up class cannot be made-up again.

Booking a Make Up on the website

If you'd like to book a make-up/ make-ups on-line, please contact the Management (2288 6655/ 2204 6644). Shortly after this, in order to activate your being able to book directly on-line, your Login & Password will be directly emailed to you. Your email ID (the one given to the BA Management) will be your Login ID. Your password is system generated. you can log onto the website with the Login name & Password provided to you and change the password from the website whenever you wish to.

Note that once you book yourself online, the same are confirmed make-up classes. You do not need any further confirmation from our end to come in for those sessions.

For the future please remember that make-up fresh online booking access has to be granted for each new term you sign-up for. So when paying your term fees, alert a staff member to your wanting renewed access.

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